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Rahzel @ Bling, Friday Nov 20th


This Friday night at Bling, the Godfather of Noyze, Rahzel will bring his world-class beatbox skills to the Dirty Kapital. Rahzel has been the predominant beatbox artist for over a decade and the Youtube video of his performance of “If your mother only knew” has amassed millions and millions of hits.

From the CityWeekend event posting:

RAH ZEL – The Human Beatbox Comes to Bling

The undisputed “Godfather of Noyze,” Rahzel has re-defined the beat box. Probably the best known member of The Roots, Rahzel is a self-defined “vocal percussionist” who has perfectly mastered this quintessential hip hop art form…

To hear him is to be converted. Performing Exclusively @ BLING.

Date: Friday, November 20

Time: 9pm-late

Cover: RMB 100

Also, click here for a good interview with Rahzel done by TimeOut.

I just talked with Kristen from Bling / www.LumDimSum.com and she was saying its definitely going to be a sell out, so GET THERE EARLY!

I am headed to meet Rahzel at his hotel tonite to show him around town a bit, perhaps even meet up with my boys over at The Park. Then tomorrow night Yin T’sang is accepting an award at a Yoho Awards Show, and Rahzel will be rolling with them (you know I gotta be there as well!).

Holla to YinEnt for booking the show, big up to Bling and Yin T’sang Wan Sui 隐藏万岁!


Chip-Chop Slang from my family @ www.YinEnt.com

YinEnt Basics


走 起来(zóuqǐlai ):”Let’s get it”, “Let’s do this” __起来 (_______qǐlai):Put any verb before qǐlai to make a hip phrase, I.E. Drink(hē), dance (tiào), move(dòng), speak (shuō)

说唱(shuō chàng):Word for “rap”, literally speak-sing

嘻哈(xī hā ):Taiwanese word for Hip-Hop

嘿泡(hēi pào ):Northern China word for Hip-Hop

瓷(cí):homie 铁瓷(tiě cí ):a true homie

傻逼(shǎ bī): punk b*tch

牛逼(niú bī ):dope,phat


样儿(yàngr ):style

废话(fèihuà ):bullsh*t

卷一袋儿(juǎn yī dàir ):”Roll one up”

呼(hū):to smoke 飞(fēi ):to be high

都得死(dōu děi sǐ):the equivalent of “f**k the world”

撅一瓶(juē yī píng):Drink a bottle (of beer)

呲蜜(zī mì ):have sex with women

胡呲(hú zī ):talk sh*t, bullsh*t, spout off

燥(zào):wild, like “that show was really zào”


坚果(jiānguǒ):supermodel hottie

板儿(bǎnr ):skateboard

狠 (hěn):crazy, like “that MC’s flow is too hěn”

嘟儿(dūr ):Du-Rag, bandana

残的(cán de ):weak, crippled, lame

缺的(quē de ):sucks, wack

肿了(zhǒng le):blowin up, out of control


祝你幸福(zhù nǐ xìngfú):the equivalent of “speak to the hand”

瘾乐(yǐn yuè):China’s first Hip-Hop label actually run by people who know hip-hop If you got more slang or phrases to add, or you got questions hit us off below or just comment!

走起来! zóu qǐlai!

To Check out the rest of Bizzle’s Chip-Chop family, hit up www.yinent.com

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