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da dirty north returnz: section 6 at 愚公移山

In their better years

I still remember my first hip hop experience in Beijing (China for that matter) and it was at a Section 6 party at the original Yugong Yishan. I remember seeing XIV (Lao Zheng 老郑)of Yin Tsang in a wife beater screaming barely comprehensible Chinese lyrics and skinny ass Sbazzo flowing like nothing I’d ever heard before…and Young Keezy was selling CD’s at the door…haha! Look at em now.

Needless to say from that experience, I was hooked.

Rockin the mic

Yin T’sang along with the many other OG’s of Beijing hip hop scene like Lil RayWebber and IN3 still got the best hip hop party going (in China), and its happening again this Saturday night at 9pm. Just so you know its happening on the last saturday of every month at Yugong Yishan and officially “features freestyle rap performances from the voices of Beijing youth, street dancers from all over China”

I’ve dropped some flows here, its a great place to get your feet wet in the hip hop scene. Battles, new song releases, dance off’s, and certainly some hot babes…its a partay its a partay its a partay its a partaaaaaaaay.


Saturday June 25th, 9pm-late

50rmb ticket

West courtyard former site of Duan Qirui Government,
3-2 Zhangzizhong Lu,



MIDI gets rained out; LUSH gets PWND by Beijing Hip-Hop

In May 2010, hip hop heads and artists all gathered at HaiDian park in the “middle of effing no where” Beijing to celebrate the final day of the 4 day MIDI Music Festival with special all day performances by local and larger groups like  Xin Jie Kou 新街口, ABD 太多次, Manchuker 满人 (Taiwan), Crazy Chef 张南, and Yin T’sang 隐藏.

As Sbazzo, ID, R2k , DJ Doc J (aka DJ Wes of the Park Boys) and myself arrived at the location, we noticed tents and trash all around the surrounding area, and could hear blaring heavy metal coming from inside.

We got our pass VIP Artist passes and went straight for the VIP drink tent which was a giant pink pyramid posing as an art work… right. In here artists could chill out and get drinks, but the offerings were pretty skimp… Jager and Red Bull, or Jager and Sprite, or Jager, or Sprite, or Red Bull, and Beer. We made due to say the least.

After a few interviews and posting for some pictures, we blasted over the Hip Hop stage in the far corner of the venue. Along the way, we saw quite a few interesting characters with giant Mohawks, insane tattoos and some glaringly gay outfits. As we got closer to the hip hop stage, familiar sounds were emerging.

Upon our arrival, a good size group of people came over to approach us (well Sbazzo and DJ Doc J more than me) but one guy did come up and shake my hand say he was a fan. I was really excited about that and gave him props and agreed to his request to “make friends with him”. Fast forward twenty minutes when he introduces me to someone else as “Lao Zheng” from Yin T’sang and I had to inform him that I was not in fact Lao Zheng, that I was Xiao Bizzle.

“Who?” he asked perplexed…

Ok well, screw that guy, he was a bogus fan boy anyway.

Seriously, do all the white people in baggy clothes,with beards and brown hair that rap in Chinese and hang out with Sbazzo look that much alike, I MEAN COME ON! Get it straight!

Back to the story: before we could perform, it started pouring rain!

This was a big dissapointment to all the fans and the artists waiting to perform, especially Manchuker who had come all the way from Taiwan for the show! But, before long, a plan began to come together…LUSH!

Now for those who don’t know, LUSH is a student hangout in the WuDaoKou area of Beijing. Ironically, Lao Zheng of Yin T’sang was part of the team that started LUSH years ago, and so on that day we decided to make the best of the situation and we moved the show to LUSH.

A few hours later, Sbazzo, ID and myself were on stage rapping Yin T’sang classic hits like “在北京” (In Beijing) and the other songs we had prepared for MIDI that day. To say the equipment wasn’t up to par is an understatement, but we made due. I even dropped an English remix I had been working on for Sbazzo‘s “Push the bouncer” (see original version below)

11 Push The Bouncer (Oringial AAC)

With a crowd of about 40 people in the house, it was certainly one of the smaller and more intimate shows I’ve ever been to or performed in, but the vibe was fun and pretty wide open. (Partly because DJ Doc J was super lit from the free drinks by this point and started getting pretty wild with his mixing, haha).

In the end, the night ended without as much hooplah as would have followed our MIDI show, but we were all pretty drunk and happy and as always, the best part of LUSH, some very friendly European college girls really seemed to like “our songs” and wanted a private freestyle show…but we were all tired and kicked it back to the east side…. so till next time, ladies…


UPCOMING: Yin T’sang (feat Xiao Bizzle) at MIDI Music Festival on 5/4/10

China’s biggest and oldest outdoor musical festival MIDI has invited Yin T’sang to headline this year on their hip hop stage and Xiao Bizzle will be a featured guest, supporting Sbazzo during the 15 song set. Our homeboy from Taiwan 满人 Manchuker will also be performing and will be doing a live premier of the song “Raindrops” with Sbazzo at the festival.

The full line up of MIDI and more information is available here.

Be on the look out over the next few days for pics and news from MIDI.

Dame and Jay-Z in the good old days

Oh and on the rumor tip: word has it Dame Dash is in town and is hanging out with DJ Wordy. Tonight I’ve been invited to perhaps meet, chill with, (maybe interview?) them both. I will report more info when I have it!


A.R.T – by 隐藏 Yin T’sang (Unreleased FIRE)

隐藏 The Yin T'sang Boys

隐藏 The Yin T'sang Boys


I heard this track for the first time a few minutes ago, and couldn’t wait to put it up. This track was featured in the Chinese feature film “Gasp / 气喘吁吁“ (qìchuǎnxūxū)  directed by famous Chinese director 郑重.

The beat, the lyrics, its some of the freshest stuff Yin T’sang has done in a minute

A.R.T_YinTsangA.R.T by Yin T’sang

To see more about the movie click here.


Rahzel @ Bling, Friday Nov 20th


This Friday night at Bling, the Godfather of Noyze, Rahzel will bring his world-class beatbox skills to the Dirty Kapital. Rahzel has been the predominant beatbox artist for over a decade and the Youtube video of his performance of “If your mother only knew” has amassed millions and millions of hits.

From the CityWeekend event posting:

RAH ZEL – The Human Beatbox Comes to Bling

The undisputed “Godfather of Noyze,” Rahzel has re-defined the beat box. Probably the best known member of The Roots, Rahzel is a self-defined “vocal percussionist” who has perfectly mastered this quintessential hip hop art form…

To hear him is to be converted. Performing Exclusively @ BLING.

Date: Friday, November 20

Time: 9pm-late

Cover: RMB 100

Also, click here for a good interview with Rahzel done by TimeOut.

I just talked with Kristen from Bling / www.LumDimSum.com and she was saying its definitely going to be a sell out, so GET THERE EARLY!

I am headed to meet Rahzel at his hotel tonite to show him around town a bit, perhaps even meet up with my boys over at The Park. Then tomorrow night Yin T’sang is accepting an award at a Yoho Awards Show, and Rahzel will be rolling with them (you know I gotta be there as well!).

Holla to YinEnt for booking the show, big up to Bling and Yin T’sang Wan Sui 隐藏万岁!


Yin T’sang 《The Lost Tapes》- iRepresent -

I just got my hands on these “Lost Tapes” from Yin T’sang 2003-2005.

The Lost Tapes

This is all unreleased material, so shhhhh, nobody tell em I am sharing this.

Here is a sample…

Sbazzo and Young Kin- I represent (original version)

05 Sbazzo, Young Kin – I Represent (Original Version)

XIV aka Lao Zheng- No Limit 没有极限

07 XIV – No Limit

holler to my boys at D.I.B.C for the post, check out the full track lists here:


热土 CCTV7节目 - Hot Dirt - CCTV7 Special: feat 隐藏 (Yin Ts’ang), MC 听不懂 (TingBuDong) and Xiao Bizzle

So the story goes…30th Anniversary of the PRC’s  “Open Door Policy”….naturally they employ Yin Ts’ang to write a commemorative rap song…we all then end up performing the song on Chinese National TV…on the anniversary special viewed by an estimated 10 million viewers… the rest as they say, is in the tape.

The MOBB Deep Show…a reflection

One of my favorite days this past summer was the night of the MOBB Deep show at Vics, at which Yin T’sang and yours truly were the opening act. Packed House

When I started getting into rapping here in China,  of course Xiao Bizzle had his grand dreams and aspirations of working with some major artists even in just minor ways, and in the last 16 months, I have got the chance to do just that.  This time, while my role was small, I took my chance and when the time came, I was jumpin’ around on stage at Vics like a crazy fool. That night, opening for MOBB Deep was Sbazzo (马克)and Lao Zheng (老郑)otherwise known as Yin T’sang 隐藏,  featuring Xiao Bizzle, and we jumped right into some Chip-Chop hits like Yin T’sang‘s classic  “Zou Qi Lai 走起来” and my favorite song to do live, “Push the Bouncer”.  I did perhaps the best hypemanning of my life that night.  I truthfully didn’t keep up with all the words even though I knew them, simply because I got so pumped that I would break out into “Beijing hip hop!” and “大家走起来 dajia zouqilai! (means everyone get up or stand up) ” and even some “throw ya hands up! 举手” The crowd was totally into it and we fed off that.

The actual show was crazy, but the before / after the show was memorable too. I remember the 4pm phone call from Sbazzo asking “Are you ready Bizzle?”
Bizzle: “Ready for what?” (I started to believe it was going down…)
Sbazzo: “To rock the mic for MOBB Deep homie, your coming up with us!”

I wasn’t  THAT surprised really, but…it wasn’t actually confirmed until right then. When my name isn’t on the poster, I don’t ever assume I will get any mic time. Nonetheless, I’m always ready when my numbers is called, that’s just a reality of the game when you are an up and coming, (that’s the nice way of putting it) rapper or MC. Usually, I stay on the business side of things with Yin T’sang but for some shows, I can’t resist the urge to help out a little extra.

Havoc and Big Noid were at Vics already when I showed up (Noid, another MOBB Deep member, was here because the other MOBB Deep front man, Prodigy, was in prison. For more info click here) and before we could start the sound check, we all said ‘what’s ups’, did the ceremonial daps and bs’d around in the club. I’ll tell you, being inside a nightclub with all the lights on is a different experience that any Friday night. It doesn’t feel as glamorous, I’ll say that much. Soon, word arrived that some clothing brands had arrived with fresh gear for us to go through…maybe more so intended for MOBB Deep and Yin T’sang than for Xiao Bizzle, but of course, I jumped right in. This is a pretty regular thing at shows these days, and this time, RMBZ Boys and Infinite Fantasy both came through with some fresh gear for everyone to take their pick. I ended up getting an unreleased Infinite Fantasy tee that has the front of Rolls Royce car plus the emblem on the front…super sick.
This was my main chance to talk with MOBB Deep front-man, Havoc, and I found him to be nice but pretty quiet and reserved. He told me he was enjoying China and his first words to describe his time in Beijing was,  he had very quickly “seen some sh*t that I’ve  [Havoc]  never seen before.” They jetted back to the hotel without doing a real sound-check and we all went our separate ways till around show time.

The show went great, after Yin T’sang‘s super live opening set, MOBB Deep came on and I hyped from the DJ booth and video taped as well. The crowd energy was incredible. The bouncers ended up on stage a few times trying to calm things down, which in the end was what singled the end of the show. During “Shook Ones” the crowd got so hyped up that someone grabbed at Havoc, and so after that song the security took control and MOBB ended the set just to keep things orderly. I could fee the energy from the DJ booth, and it was fresh for Beijing. Here are few pictures:

Girlz go wild for Xiao Bizzle

Girlz go wild for Xiao Bizzle

Big Noid

Big Noid

Havoc doing his thing

Havoc doing his thing

Zheng and Bizzle

Zheng and Bizzle

After the show, we partied at Vics for a good while, sippin’ Grey Goose and Hennessy (by Havoc‘s request) but MOBB eventually grabbed some top shelf girls and skeeted out. The rest of the team didn’t mind that much as their “table” at Vics had been and continued to be a resource of free drinks all night for the whole crew to enjoy. That’s another added benefit of these big shows and the Chip-Chop life…the whole family can get free drinks.

Later, when I asked Sbazzo for some reflections about the MOBB Deep show he said:
“You know, they were real cool people. Havoc was way more humble than most International artists that we’ve collab’ed with here in China. He was eager to work with us, just like we were to work with him. And they were into the Chinese experience as well… they went all around, to the Great Wall and Forbidden City, they ate the authentic food with us, and really wanted an authentic experience. That’s not like the “in and out, pick up some *ish and girls and then back to the hotel” that we’ve dealt with some other artists. Of course, we had the usual hip hop activities and it was all cool, MOBB definitely is a big international connection for Yin T’sang.

Yin T’sang recorded the song “Real” with Havoc of MOBB Deep also featuring Young Kin, and that is set to be on Yin T’sang‘s upcoming, and perhaps final (shhhh) album. More to come on that!


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