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Sbazzo- The Light (teaser video)


Shout out to 隐藏!thats my family.



da dirty north returnz: section 6 at 愚公移山

In their better years

I still remember my first hip hop experience in Beijing (China for that matter) and it was at a Section 6 party at the original Yugong Yishan. I remember seeing XIV (Lao Zheng 老郑)of Yin Tsang in a wife beater screaming barely comprehensible Chinese lyrics and skinny ass Sbazzo flowing like nothing I’d ever heard before…and Young Keezy was selling CD’s at the door…haha! Look at em now.

Needless to say from that experience, I was hooked.

Rockin the mic

Yin T’sang along with the many other OG’s of Beijing hip hop scene like Lil RayWebber and IN3 still got the best hip hop party going (in China), and its happening again this Saturday night at 9pm. Just so you know its happening on the last saturday of every month at Yugong Yishan and officially “features freestyle rap performances from the voices of Beijing youth, street dancers from all over China”

I’ve dropped some flows here, its a great place to get your feet wet in the hip hop scene. Battles, new song releases, dance off’s, and certainly some hot babes…its a partay its a partay its a partay its a partaaaaaaaay.


Saturday June 25th, 9pm-late

50rmb ticket

West courtyard former site of Duan Qirui Government,
3-2 Zhangzizhong Lu,



*”So Fly” Video Shoot sneak peak (just girls…)++ upcoming DJ Wordy-Major Lazer show in 798?

What up, You Call That Hip Hop heads! Ya boy Xiao Bizzle has been busy reppin’ VICS every Saturday night and puttin’ together a new project that has kept me busy busy!  But, as promised, here is a sneak peak at some (PG-13 version) photos, behind the scenes at our recent video shoot for Sbazzo‘s “So Fly” music video… more videos and photos to come!

Check out the ghetto green screen! Ha, the first one (the nice one) we had wasn’t right (Ted knows best) for some reason, so we had to improvise!

Sbazzo's Fresh cut!

Tock Studios

Tock Studio's... the spot!

Dancin' next to a boss!

Yeah that camera equipment costs more than you do...

She was certainly...the uh...best...dancer

Other news: Got wind a few weeks ago of an upcoming Mad Decent show in Beijing (long story but basically I got told off via email by Diplo‘s agent…cool right?) and just today got another email alert that the show would be in 798 and is awaiting some gov’t approval for visas but should go down…

Performers include:

Major Lazer, featuring Diplo (US)
Delorean (ES)
Rebuilding the Rights of Statues (PRC)
Queen Sea Big Shark (PRC)
New Pants (PRC)
Ada (DE)
Dead J (PRC)
Sulumi (PRC)
White (PRC)

B6 (PRC)
DJ Wordy (PRC)***
Tobias Thomas DJ (DE)
Nick Catchdubs (US)

He is the man. (even if he's not real)

My fave cartoon DJ out there

I am so pumped to see DJ Wordy‘s name up there. He has really been blowing up, and that’s great news for the local hip hop and music scene. Recently, Wordy was partying in NYC with Dame Dash, and then Dame was spotted in Beijing again a few weeks ago at YuGong Yishan’s Section 6 Party. I had a chance to talk with Dame and he was a chill ass dude.  DIPSET!

Either way, looks like late Sept. or early Oct for this show, if it happens at all.

Major LazerDJ Wordy….I am praying for a collab with these two!!! If I can get some info outta Wordy about this I will let everyone know, until then…


MIDI gets rained out; LUSH gets PWND by Beijing Hip-Hop

In May 2010, hip hop heads and artists all gathered at HaiDian park in the “middle of effing no where” Beijing to celebrate the final day of the 4 day MIDI Music Festival with special all day performances by local and larger groups like  Xin Jie Kou 新街口, ABD 太多次, Manchuker 满人 (Taiwan), Crazy Chef 张南, and Yin T’sang 隐藏.

As Sbazzo, ID, R2k , DJ Doc J (aka DJ Wes of the Park Boys) and myself arrived at the location, we noticed tents and trash all around the surrounding area, and could hear blaring heavy metal coming from inside.

We got our pass VIP Artist passes and went straight for the VIP drink tent which was a giant pink pyramid posing as an art work… right. In here artists could chill out and get drinks, but the offerings were pretty skimp… Jager and Red Bull, or Jager and Sprite, or Jager, or Sprite, or Red Bull, and Beer. We made due to say the least.

After a few interviews and posting for some pictures, we blasted over the Hip Hop stage in the far corner of the venue. Along the way, we saw quite a few interesting characters with giant Mohawks, insane tattoos and some glaringly gay outfits. As we got closer to the hip hop stage, familiar sounds were emerging.

Upon our arrival, a good size group of people came over to approach us (well Sbazzo and DJ Doc J more than me) but one guy did come up and shake my hand say he was a fan. I was really excited about that and gave him props and agreed to his request to “make friends with him”. Fast forward twenty minutes when he introduces me to someone else as “Lao Zheng” from Yin T’sang and I had to inform him that I was not in fact Lao Zheng, that I was Xiao Bizzle.

“Who?” he asked perplexed…

Ok well, screw that guy, he was a bogus fan boy anyway.

Seriously, do all the white people in baggy clothes,with beards and brown hair that rap in Chinese and hang out with Sbazzo look that much alike, I MEAN COME ON! Get it straight!

Back to the story: before we could perform, it started pouring rain!

This was a big dissapointment to all the fans and the artists waiting to perform, especially Manchuker who had come all the way from Taiwan for the show! But, before long, a plan began to come together…LUSH!

Now for those who don’t know, LUSH is a student hangout in the WuDaoKou area of Beijing. Ironically, Lao Zheng of Yin T’sang was part of the team that started LUSH years ago, and so on that day we decided to make the best of the situation and we moved the show to LUSH.

A few hours later, Sbazzo, ID and myself were on stage rapping Yin T’sang classic hits like “在北京” (In Beijing) and the other songs we had prepared for MIDI that day. To say the equipment wasn’t up to par is an understatement, but we made due. I even dropped an English remix I had been working on for Sbazzo‘s “Push the bouncer” (see original version below)

11 Push The Bouncer (Oringial AAC)

With a crowd of about 40 people in the house, it was certainly one of the smaller and more intimate shows I’ve ever been to or performed in, but the vibe was fun and pretty wide open. (Partly because DJ Doc J was super lit from the free drinks by this point and started getting pretty wild with his mixing, haha).

In the end, the night ended without as much hooplah as would have followed our MIDI show, but we were all pretty drunk and happy and as always, the best part of LUSH, some very friendly European college girls really seemed to like “our songs” and wanted a private freestyle show…but we were all tired and kicked it back to the east side…. so till next time, ladies…


GH Mumm’s “Agent Provoceteur” (hosted by xBizzle)

At the World Famous Suzie Wong’s Club, my home boy Showtyme from Shanghai threw a crazy Champagne party for GH Mumm who he represents for events at clubs. Showtyme needed a true personality on the mic that night, someone who could capture the class of a model-champagne party but also get the crowd hyped up and ready to pop some bottles… obviously he hollered at Bizzle.

Bizzle always reps that NC

Bizzle always reps that NC

Two days before the show, I met up with Showtyme, Sbazzo, XIV (who was only in town for one night as he is filming a movie down in Yunnan) and M2 el Maya. We got some drinks at the Saddle and started talkin’ business. Showtyme let me know more about the scene down in Shanghai, sayin that Beijing was really the only place where hip hop shows were poppin’ off regularly anymore, other than smaller cities. He said the real money is in the alcohol company parties, which he specializes in now.

Anyway, I agreed to do the show, but he really didn’t prep me at all for what I was going to do. He said he would get the info and all the details for the show later that night… then two days goes by and nothing. We tried to meet up, but for some reason we never did and Friday evening rolls around and I walk into rehersals without the slightest idea what I am getting myself into…

Luckily for me, Showtyme is a true maestro for these kind of events and he had EVERYTHING worked out. Let’s just say I knew it was my kind of party when I saw there were Hot Hot Hot dancers, a couple singers, crazy spandex outfits, cases upon cases of champange; so of course Bizzle felt quite at home.

Agent 003 was my fave

Agent 003 was my fave

During rehersals I worked out my lines and figured out the timing, which had to be REALLY specific to fit with their show. It took a little while but after about an hr we got it down and we all went our separate ways to prepare for the 11:30pm meeting time for the show. Oh, and I forgot to mention the dress code…  suit and tie, but I made some adjustments…

The theme of the party was “Agent Provocateur” ….think spandex +  lingerie + James Bond + Russian models + champange  …..and you get the idea.

Anyway before I knew it, my homegirl (what up swilly!) and I were getting drinks in Sanlitun and I had my iPod going over the intro again and again, rehearsing my timing…

I thought it was going to be nothing at first, but I was having a hard time doing everything they wanted in English, then doing it in Chinese and also matching it to the timing. That was the hardest part for me, because the Club owner, the promoter, the dancers, the singers, were all making special requests for things to say and how to say them;  I had to do it in two languages; and do it all in 1 minute 14 seconds. Easy right?

So now…the evening begins….

Me and my arm candy (so what, who doesn’t) show up and get right into the VIP room to find all the dancers, models, singers, etc. getting loose on Grey Goose (rhyme master)… obviously we join right in. Before long, the promoter is shoutin’ “5 minutes” and we all start putting our game faces on… thats when the promoter passes me part of my “outfit”… the red gloves.

not gangsta

not gangsta

Now I am not the type to say no to a promoters request, but these were definitely girl gloves. I tried to put one on and it was shredded to pieces before it got all the way on. I tried the other one and it fit, but it was tight. After some discussion, I agreed to wear it, since I thought it brought out my King of Pop side…

5 minutes goes by and the promoter is back, we’re ready to go… but… we can’t because the CLUB IS TOO PACKED, and there isn’t enough security to escort us to the stage… so we wait 15 minutes. Finally security gets with it and we start the procession (we had over 12 people performing) downstairs. We get about halfway to the stage, in the middle of a packed club looking like a mamba line of red and black dressed strippers and pimps.


a bouncer yells at me. But at this point we can’t go forward, we can’t go back…we’re trapped.

going nuts before we even got on stage!

going nuts before we even got on stage!

(I know this story is epic… but keep going, your almost there!)

So NOW we have to retreat to a new area to wait for them to clear the stage off…

20 minutes later we get the cue that we’re going on, about 40 minutes late. As I am walking up to the stage, I notice the dancers getting in position really fast… then I hear the intro SONG START…remember all that jazz I said about timing…well I was SCREWED because I wasn’t even on stage yet and my timing was already off.

more red.

more red.

I jump on stage and recover, barely, and the show starts without a big issue.  Then in the middle of my lines, a Chinese girl starts pulling on my coat trying to get my attention! Damn girl! I am trying to do a show and she won’t leave me alone. (I want to say I hated it, but I didn’t, at all)

Then this blonde jumped on stage to catch a photo with the Bizzle… don’t hate that either.

Love the Glove. (check out my glowstick haha)

Love the Glove. (check out my glowstick haha)

lady gaga singer

looked just like her...and sang like her too. kinda bad.

So after a cool dance show, the Russian singer did her thing (Lady Gaga impersonation) and I ended up getting TOO hype for the party (the dance coach told me to chill on the excessive hyping) haha…when you get Bizzle you get 110% HYPE homie!

Then, in just a few minutes the whole thing was pretty much over and we were popping bottles WITH bottles and models (seriously you should try it).

After the other performers were finished, the whole crew partied in the VIP for a while and that’s when my Russian girls met the Russian dancers and everyone was putting on their best “Russian Club faces”. It was entertaining to say the least…



Soon enough, Showtyme and I even had a little freestyle battle session, and dude can spit no doubt! After a few bottles of Mumms, the Russians and I moved on to Vics and got our dance on till the early morning.

That’s when things got really interesting, but that’s a story for another type of website …

приветствия! Na sdarovie!

What did you do last Friday night?

What did you do last Friday night?


UNRELEASED ISH— Track Leak… (shhhhh)


Nobody tell em I am doing this… the track from the upcoming video from Sbazzo and Young Keezy

They Aint Ready by Sbazzo feat Young Kin

A.R.T – by 隐藏 Yin T’sang (Unreleased FIRE)

隐藏 The Yin T'sang Boys

隐藏 The Yin T'sang Boys


I heard this track for the first time a few minutes ago, and couldn’t wait to put it up. This track was featured in the Chinese feature film “Gasp / 气喘吁吁“ (qìchuǎnxūxū)  directed by famous Chinese director 郑重.

The beat, the lyrics, its some of the freshest stuff Yin T’sang has done in a minute

A.R.T_YinTsangA.R.T by Yin T’sang

To see more about the movie click here.


“They Ain’t Ready” video shoot (behind the scenes ish)

This weekend, Sbazzo and Young Kin teamed up with Belgian director Said to film the new music video for “They Ain’t Ready” a single from Sbazzo‘s upcoming solo LP. I got some insider info and grabbed some sneak photo shots for the You Call That Hip Hop family to check out.

What Sbazzo says to expect from the video: the newest gear on the streets, some cool art work, some babes, Kung Fu, and lots of black lights…sounds like my kind of party.

The Set

The Set

Sbazzo in the freshness

Sbazzo in the freshness

Young Keezy- (jacket looks familiar?)

Young Keezy- (jacket looks familiar?)

Young Kin, Sbazzo and Said talk it out

Young Kin, Sbazzo and Said talk it out

Gettin' right--- oh and hunnies on the scene!

Gettin' right--- oh and hunnies on the scene!

Black Lights are always tight

Black Lights are always tight

Babes and some CRAZY art/photo in the back (dont ask me!)

Babes and some CRAZY art/photo in the back (dont ask me!)

I see you!

I see you!

More info about the video on the way soon! Keep checkin’ on the daily!

Plus news on: this past weekend’s festivities and my run in with Stretch Armstrong….


Bizzle Be Back in Business! New (old) TRACKS!

OK OK OK… i took WAY to long to get back on this blogging game, but as you see from the categories…blogging is hard.

Anyway without wasting much time, I want to give you a few tracks I am listening to right now. Next up after this post, I will talk about meeting Stretch Armstrong, DJ Wordy’s crazy set with DJ Krush at YuGong, me looking ridiculous at a house party, and Lil Ray getting robbed again (of the title, not physically jacked) at the Iron Mic finals.

Here is some ish I listened to today at work (yeah I got a job, so what GET MONEY, GET PAID):


Young Kin is one of Beijing’s premier MC’s and one of the guys who helped me get involved here in Beijing. I suggest everyone visit Young Kin’s Myspace and keep eyes/ears open for this dude, def one of the Kings of Beijing. (Tomorrow look out for pictures from Young Kin and Sbazzo‘s music video shoot this weekend.)

01 Made In ChinaMade In China from <Kinetic Raw Mixtape>

14 IN MY DREAMS-YOUNG KIN,SBAZZOIn My Dreams (feat Sbazzo) from <King of Beijing>

yeah buddy, i like those two tracks right now!

And ALWAYS in my play list, some of that good old Dirty North Mixtape

Look at the grill!!!!!! Don't hurt em XIV.

Look at the grill!!!!!! Don't hurt em XIV.

06 Pounds Of GreenPounds of Green by XIV and Lil Ray from <Dirty North Mixtape>

And on this next one, XIV and ABD aka 太多词 dropped two of the illest verses on the album… IMO, i cant decide which is better. Even if your Chinese isn’t that good, listen to this and tell me you dont feel the heat:

XIV:好挣 or (郑) , 更好花 (hao zheng, geng hao hua) …

that line right there…hit me the right way!.  To me, it could mean good at making money but better at spending it… or since the similar/same pronounciation means 老郑 which is XIV’s Chinese rap name so  with 更好花 it would mean “XIV is better at getting lifted than you!” Ahhh Chinese.

04 Gettin Dat (Featuring ABD)Gettin Dat (feat ABD) from <Dirty North>


Iron Mic Battle at Star Live 星光现场 Sat 12/5/09

Battle Battle Battle!!!

Battle Battle Battle!!!

China’s premier MC Battle Competition ” Iron Mic” will be held this Saturday night at Star Live and the MC line-up is just crazy! Last year winner Big Dog 大狗 and Lil’ Ray had a battle for the ages at Vics followed by a performance by Royce da 5’9, hopefully this years show can live up to that!

Sbazzo, Webber, Raph, and DJ Wordy and  more will be heading up the judge panel to pick Beijing’s hottest new battle MC…and you might see Bizzle up there as well, not battling, but you know, gettin’ the low down for my YouCallThatHipHop family! Holla!

Prizes for winning the battle include a trip to Shanghai to compete in the national Iron Mic competition, 8000rmb and merchandise from Nike (who is sponsoring the event). Winners of these Iron Mic competitions are top candidates for future (rare) record deals, and sometimes winners can win that opportunity directly, so, in other words…ITS A BIG DEAL.

Tons of MC’s, lots of B.boys and DJ’s like DJ Doc J , DJ Wesley, and DJ Jiaming will be spinnin’ heads with the craziest battle beats and breaks. It is going to be Beijing hip hop at its finest! Don’t miss it!

Time: Saturday 12/5 , 10pm
Tickets: 50rmb (40rmb advance)
Location: Starlive 3/F, 79 Hepingli Xijie 北京市东城区和平里西街79号


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