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YouCallThatHipHop.com Update: 12/14/09

If you noticed the posts have been a little bit slower or less than usual the past week or two, its true, I have been really busy getting ready for my USA “tour” coming up next week, working out a few show deals around Beijing, and this weekend had my early birthday celebrations….so before I let it go tooo long, I want to throw a lil’ Chip-Chop and Xiao Bizzle update to everyone in leading up to that!

Q-Bert: The Q-bert shows were both big hits with local hip hop heads, hipsters and with the random drunk girl in skirt and army boots (I saw her at one party and I heard she was at the other party…wearing the same outfit, def way to cold for that kinda stuff but power to her). Q threw pretty much the same set at Bling and Yugong, and his first rate scratchin’ and juggling skills were on display. He had another epic battle/coop with DJ Wordy (who I heard was playing better tunes than ANYONE all night, big up to Wordy) Overall, another great set of shows for Qbert, many in a long line of China performances. See below for pics.

Maya and Bizzle @ Mix 11/11/09

Funny story on this one… So Maya and I meet up in the Vics/Mix parking lot around 2:30am the other day, plotting to make a visit to one of the clubs. I told Maya that I had been in talks with the Management at Mix recently about doing some shows, so I figured we would get treated pretty well if we went over there to party. Turns out I was right.

I call my contact who meets us at the front entrance to take us inside… then we walk directly from the entrance up to the DJ Booth and on stage, he hands us a bottle of Champagne and glasses and we start toasting. Quite the entrance, even by Beijing standards. But then before we can even send smiles to the crowd of 1500+ people partying on the dance floor below, the Music Director comes over with two Mics, hands them to us and basically says…”Go!”

Now this is a precarious position for me, and other MC’s as well.

I love doing what I do, and admittedly, I mostly rap for fun, occasionally for business if I’m lucky, and most of all I enjoy being part of the scene and helping to promote other up-and-coming guys. But this situation is different because I have been negotiating a contract for shows at this location, and now without that contract or even an agreement, we were about to do a free show? Maya has just finished two tours across China and is getting booked for show after show for next year, and I am supposed to ask him to just do a few impromptu songs for free? Not a fun position to be in.

Anyway, Maya was cool about it and since we both were in the right mood for it, we got it live and did a little impromptu set of freestyles and Maya even did some verses from his new album while I hyped the crowd for Mix the way I usually do. They even threw on some Daddy Yankee and Maya got the house rocking with his back-up vocals to that. All I can say is that we def got the crowd excited again (it was already around 3am+) and after 2-3 songs, we took our bows and went up to the VIP room, so over all a good experience. I dropped a lil’ Chinese free-style that I think got people’s attention as well…they were not expecting that to come outta my mouth!

All in all, it was  a fun occasion, the guest DJ Aioshi from Japan was a cool cat and he loved that we came up and rapped like that, instead of being offended that we came on during his set. He knew it wasn’t our plan, we just were going with the flow.

The funniest part of the night was when I first got on stage, I had to take my jacket off and leave it up there. After our “set” I realized I had forgotten it up there and wanted to go get it. The bosses of Mix for whatever reason didn’t think I could handle getting the jacket myself, so they had this GIANT of a bouncer (literally the biggest Chinese guy I’ve ever seen) basically piggyback carry me through the crowd to the stage, got my jacket, and then back again to the VIP. Hilarious. True Story, piggy back.

Let’s keep in mind I was not totally prepared for a performance that night, as we had been at some “Business casual” style parties before, I actually had a shirt and tie on! Luckily I had on proper shoes and a hat, but still, even tho I might have looked a little bit out of place at first, the crowd ended up showing us love either way.

Trip to the USA:

Xiao Bizzle is going to be out of town for a few weeks coming up but that doesn’t mean their will not be updates and news here on YCTHH.com! I am looking forward to meeting up with my people Young Flu who has recently dropped a new album, and KAZE who is blowing up doing big things with a new record deal. I will make sure get some interviews with them focusing on their upcoming tour in China (that I am setting up!)

NC, DC, NYC, and maybe a little LA to holler at Aidge from the Aesthetics Crew. Holla if you are in any of these places and we can build!

Till next time…


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