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da dirty north returnz: section 6 at 愚公移山

In their better years

I still remember my first hip hop experience in Beijing (China for that matter) and it was at a Section 6 party at the original Yugong Yishan. I remember seeing XIV (Lao Zheng 老郑)of Yin Tsang in a wife beater screaming barely comprehensible Chinese lyrics and skinny ass Sbazzo flowing like nothing I’d ever heard before…and Young Keezy was selling CD’s at the door…haha! Look at em now.

Needless to say from that experience, I was hooked.

Rockin the mic

Yin T’sang along with the many other OG’s of Beijing hip hop scene like Lil RayWebber and IN3 still got the best hip hop party going (in China), and its happening again this Saturday night at 9pm. Just so you know its happening on the last saturday of every month at Yugong Yishan and officially “features freestyle rap performances from the voices of Beijing youth, street dancers from all over China”

I’ve dropped some flows here, its a great place to get your feet wet in the hip hop scene. Battles, new song releases, dance off’s, and certainly some hot babes…its a partay its a partay its a partay its a partaaaaaaaay.


Saturday June 25th, 9pm-late

50rmb ticket

West courtyard former site of Duan Qirui Government,
3-2 Zhangzizhong Lu,



D.I.B.C- Diggin’ in a 胡同 (Hutong) Near You!

Go DJ!

Go DJ!

Diggin‘: The act of looking for vinyl records (wax) in a non-corporate, non-chain-retail establishment. It may mean mom & pop independent record shops, but could also refer to thrift stores, flea markets, estate sales, record shows, or any other sort of second-hand place for vinyl. (www.UrbanDictionary.com)

American Hip Hop’s most famous ‘Diggaz’ gotta be D.I.T.C (Diggin In The Crates) crew led by the late Big L. (For more on the D.I.T.C click here) Regarded as one of the most beloved hip-hop crews in rap music [of its time], D.I.T.C. was made up of several veteran rappers, DJs, and producers “dedicated to the true essence of rap music: original lyrics and strong beat-savvy productions sampling dusty vinyl.” Members and associates include Showbiz & A.G. (Andre the Giant), DJ Premier, Diamond D, Lord Finesse, Fat Joe, O.C., and Buckwild. Other than Fat Joe, most members have never reached the “success” of other multi-platinum artists, but still, Xiao Bizzle thinks they represent the best parts of hip hop.

Lil' Ray and Ghostface

Lil' Ray and Ghostface

One of Beijing’s most notorious Diggaz‘ is Lil’ Ray aka Nasty Ray aka Naughty Ray aka Blacksound aka aka aka…sorry got stuck there for a second.. Ray is also Beijing’s top up-and-coming force in the chip-chop circuit and China’s preeminent Freestyle and Battle rapper. (Click here for more on Lil’ Ray) He and his crew have put together a really tight website called Diggin in Beijing City (D.I.B.C) where they post rare and hard to find CD’s and mixtapes they find around Beijing and online.

(Click here to visit their site and upgrade your Chip- Chop knowledge)

Here is a Lil’ Ray song to let you know how he does things…he and XIV rap the song almost entirely in Beijing Dialect…see if you can hear the difference!

我们都在这儿-We All in Here by Lil’ Ray and XIV (Dirty North Mixtape)

17 我们都在这儿

I myself have taken a few trips to old NvRenJie market with Lil’ Ray to go through vinyl, and his collection is by far Beijing’s best.When I was buying my tables and equipment, Lil Ray and DJ Zoubin were life savers; first, keeping me from getting ripped off and later, after my first attempt to set the equipment up, they showed me how stupid an American college grad can be (Me) when it comes to connecting red to red, white to white…

One recent D.I.B.C. post I also want to highlight is the album feature for 阴三儿 (IN3 pronounced Yin San’r) which most mainland’ers regard as Chip-Chop’s #1 rap crew right now. I will give more details and a bio for IN3 in the future, but for now, click here and download some of their music to get acquainted with IN3‘s 地道(dìdào- Authentic) Dirty North style!

Bizzle = IN3 fan

Bizzle = IN3 fan


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