Hip-hop  +  ballet = ???

It’s going down in Beijing June 24th, 7:30pm, address below. The world acclaimed choreographer Anthony Egéa (France) returns upon China’s request to Beijing to fuse the worlds of ballet and hip hop modern dance together again. Some very good dancers here I bet, wish I had front row seats, ya smell me!

I think I know some of these girls from that video shoot with Sbazzo…hahah or maybe not. Hard to tell (in those outfits)

For ticket info click here

30 Beiwei Lu,

  • 5166-1145
  • tqtheater@tqtheater.com.cn
  • www.tqtheater.com.cn
  • Bizzle!

    da dirty north returnz: section 6 at 愚公移山

    In their better years

    I still remember my first hip hop experience in Beijing (China for that matter) and it was at a Section 6 party at the original Yugong Yishan. I remember seeing XIV (Lao Zheng 老郑)of Yin Tsang in a wife beater screaming barely comprehensible Chinese lyrics and skinny ass Sbazzo flowing like nothing I’d ever heard before…and Young Keezy was selling CD’s at the door…haha! Look at em now.

    Needless to say from that experience, I was hooked.

    Rockin the mic

    Yin T’sang along with the many other OG’s of Beijing hip hop scene like Lil RayWebber and IN3 still got the best hip hop party going (in China), and its happening again this Saturday night at 9pm. Just so you know its happening on the last saturday of every month at Yugong Yishan and officially “features freestyle rap performances from the voices of Beijing youth, street dancers from all over China”

    I’ve dropped some flows here, its a great place to get your feet wet in the hip hop scene. Battles, new song releases, dance off’s, and certainly some hot babes…its a partay its a partay its a partay its a partaaaaaaaay.


    Saturday June 25th, 9pm-late

    50rmb ticket

    West courtyard former site of Duan Qirui Government,
    3-2 Zhangzizhong Lu,



    new open mic:: calling all EMCEE’s

    Read about a new open mic at the Hot Cat Club and I know all the hip hop heads of Beijing are looking for a new spot to test their skills. Go check this out and serve some fools Xiao Bizzle style! plus you get some free courage juice for trying…thats nice.
    Every Thursday head to the Hot Cat Club for one of the most inclusive open mic nights in the capital. Any style goes, and equipment is provided. Regular weekly performances by guest bands warm up the crowd. Free. Performers get a free drink.
    Jun 16th @ 8:30 pm – 1am

    More Press, More Problems… GMC in China Daily

    My boy Grandmaster Chu is gaining steam and here is a link to a recent feature in China Daily, pretty major. I put you on first!


    Grand Master Chu: Yung Monk … droppin knowledge on some suckas

    Yung One

    Ok, I wanna tell ya’ll about my homie and one of Beijing’s finest Asian-American English rappin’ MCs, Grand Master Chu who just dropped his first official release, Yung Monk. Oh….wait….hold on his PR has something to say:

    A well-thumbed holy text in one hand and fresh Jordans tucked under selvage denim, cap slightly askew. He wanders the world by plane, subway, and foot, a 22nd-century global nomad.

    Grand Master Chu’s lyrical journey through high school, an undergraduate career at Yale University, and the Beijing underground rap scene has culminated in Yung Monk: the Mixtape. Through its 19 tracks, he demonstrates his years of lyrical growth and personal and spiritual contemplation, laying crisp verses packed with meaning and choruses with smooth, memorable hooks, both sung and rapped.

    For hip-hop fans, a strong dose of lyricism is present on songs like “I Need a Savior” (“I need some medicine, penicillin for penances / Pennin the pages, diagnosis: I lack adrenaline”) and “6’7” (Master Version)”, a hijacking of Lil Wayne’s recent single. On “Battle Hymn of the Tiger Sons,” he joins his Model Minority partners in a thoughtful ode to their parents, while he holds his own on “Chinatown Connect”, even paired with Brooklyn street rapper SK.

    Still, even the most pop-oriented listeners can enjoy songs like “Café” – a K-pop Big Bang cover featuring Asian-American singer Melloe (with a soon-to-be-released music video)- and “冰红茶(Iced Red Tea)”, a tongue-in-cheek club song dedicated to the ubiquitous Chinese soft drink (“waiters try to bring me bottle service / if it ain’t cold and red, it got me feeling nervous”).

    Between freshness and materialism, joy and greed, exuberance and reflection: the Yung Monk.

    Ha uh yeah, what he said. Basically as I see it, to everybody out there rappin’ about nothing and making no sense, meet Grand Master Chu, he’s better than you.

    Yung Monk: the Mixtape was recorded in Beijing, China; Yale University, Connecticut; and Newark, Delaware. It is now streaming and available for FREE download at bit.ly/fZ2Ddo

    DOWNLOAD HERE *******http://grandmaster.bandcamp.com/*****

    Two videos for mixtape tracks “Bustout”/“60” and “Bring Me Down” are online at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ziMe-w0TQyM and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DAWSIcB5kDU.


    Ms. VICS Competition :: Beauties and Groupies Galore!

    Just an update for my party people, VICS is having “beauty competitions” each Saturday this month with cell phones, cash, and “bragging rights” (haha right?) on the line! With DJ Kefra spinning and the usual groupies there, I can see this being a pretty wild time and if your are fine hunny, why not go for it??? (Assuming you got no self-respect already, I mean, you’re at VICS…)

    In honor of the contest, here are a few of my fave Beijing Beauties that I’ve had the pleasure of knowing or working with…


    Relaxing, just like we do at home.

    She was certainly...the uh...best...dancer


    yes, thats my hand

    Agent 003 was my fave


    Lil’ Ray rocks The ONE 声名狼藉HIP-HOP专场演出

    My dude Lil’ Ray is doing a crazy show at THE ONE club coming up next month check it out!


    时间:2011. 4月9日 21:00         4/9/2011 9:00pm

    地点:壹空间 THE ONE CLUB 北京市朝阳区甘露园19号718传媒文化创意园5号(兴隆家园西门对面718公交总站旁)

    门票:60 RMB (预售/学生:50 RMB)

    你们期待已久的演出终于要来了,北京地下说唱的标志,拥有全国MC BATTLE冠军头衔最多的NASTY RAY还有他的瓷,将带你回到阴暗的街头,听着纯正的HIP-HOP律动,让你享受其中,有我们在就有最躁动的演出,有你们在就有最火爆的现场,还等什么,麻利儿的吧。

    Address: Block 5.718 Media-Culture Zone No.19 Chaoyang District, Beijing

    订票电话: 010-85792737, 400-610-3721(EN)



    Nasty Ray a.k.a. Black Sound was born and raised in Beijing and fell in love with hip-hop culture at a young age. Scouring the city in search of new places to go digging in the crates Ray amassed a enormous collection of urban music and in the process developed his own style of gritty Beijing alleyway battle rap, with which his name is now synonymous. Unlike most battle MC’s, when Lil Ray is not going head to head with rappers from all over China he can still jump in the studio and drop smart sixteen’s over any beat he decides to devour. Regardless of whether Ray is defending his “Section 6″ MC Battle crown or opening for Akil of Jurassic 5 and Ghostface Killah on his China Tour, you know he’s gonna go hard and rep Beijing to the fullest.


    B-B-B-Bing Hong Cha, just a s-s-s-sip

    His crew Model Minority's new album cover


    YO!!! my boy Grand Master Chu is comin strong with this new ish!

    So, ya boy Xiao Bizzle has been offline and OUT of the scene, basically off the radar for a minute now, sorry my peoples. But it took what it took to get me back on it and now I am back!

    So without further ado, I want you all to check out my boy Grand Master Chu (of Model Minority) with his new single <冰红茶 bīng hóng chá> (Iced Red Tea)

    For more on Grand Master Chu and his crew check out below:


    China Geeks write up

    Dat Piff

    Here is the song. I heard it once and was like… I need to blog this ish! So true. You know Bizzle BEEN poppin bottles of that 冰红茶 (my first bottle of Cristal too on NYE, but whatev)

    Bing Hong Cha


    UPDATE: Major Lazer came, rocked. + the flyest puppetz are coming, can’t wait.


    (photos courtesy of  Beijing’s (maybe the world’s) most magical photographer Von Niederhouser )

    in 4 de kill (pon de floor)

    (Dancing. Dancing.) Groove 2 da riddum!

    Dancing. Dancing. Move 2 de riddum

    "We need 5-6 girls to please come up on the stage...?" Yeah...right that worked.

    Wordy Cut Cut Cut it up.

    … and that’s how you rock a party in Beijing.. all for free too.

    Just don’t get me started on the wrist bands….

    More on that later, NOW we talk about the puppets.

    Puppet Hip Hop Hits Yugong Yishan

    Puppetmastaz – October 1

    Mr Maloke is the head creature of German Muppets-style hip-hop collective Puppetmastaz. No, really. Find out how he pulls the strings

    Who are your main influences, as both puppets and rappers?
    ‘For rappers, I like the more freaky side of hip hop: Cypress Hill, Public Enemy, Flavor Flav and ODB – not people like Jay-Z, y’know, the more serious rappers. When it comes to other composers, I like Ludwig van Beethoven, the soundtrack to 2001: A Space Odyssey and animal sounds in general.

    As for puppets, obviously I like Sesame Street and the Muppets, and all the Star Wars creatures.’

    Do you think there’s been much discrimination against puppets in the music industry?
    ‘Well, it’s very rare that puppets make it big. Flat Eric and Mr Oizo had a breakthrough about ten years ago [with the song ‘Flat Beat’], and we called him up to see if he wanted to join Puppetmastaz. Now, Flat Eric is part of our crew.

    We just want to get people to come back to a more Fraggle-inspired animal attitude. We make that happen with the live shows, but through the radio it’s not that easy to get people sweating and to transform into something animal-like.’

    Animal-like, eh? I heard that puppets have an unusually high sex drive. Is this true?
    ‘Erm… yeah, yeah, y’know, we keep it animalistic. Generally the humans are a lot more judgmental, and us animals are more comfortable with anything happening. I mean, some of our frogs, I don’t even know how they have sex. Other members of our crew have crazy organs; I don’t even wanna talk about those.’

    What about interspecies relationships? Any thoughts?
    ‘I wouldn’t mind. A lot of people say I look like a mole, but I think I’m more of a crocodile. People always want me to take off my hat and find out, but I’m always like: “Don’t stress me out, I am what I am; if I wanna be a crocodile, I’m a crocodile.” People sometimes think I’m a dog. I’m not a dog!’

    Yugong Yishan, Friday 1 October 2010,  80RMB; 60RMB (presale).

    Ross Goulding

    Courtsey of Timeout Beijing

    Oh yes. I will be there. You should be too.


    Steeze Check: Which kicks?

    Need some help from the crew on this…big party coming up… which shoes should I rock? (Keep in mind, I’ll have to match some clothes with it)

    UPDATE: Ask and ye shall receive (Side angles added)

    Purple Fresh (Nike)

    Side View

    Sweet Angle (Check Da Back Drop Boyeee)

    Big Reds (Adidas)

    What do you think?

    The Purple Fresh’s are Kobe edition, not limited or custom but def fresh to death.

    The Big Reds are my new pick up from The Source and are super limited edition and even have a micro chip in the tongue that can connect with computers with blue tooth and a cam. Sick.

    So….speak yo mind!


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