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Awwwww Skeet Skeet: Ying Yang Twins @ Vics 11/14

One of the catchiest, funniest, and certainly CRUNKEST Hip Hop acts to come out of ATL, the Ying Yang Twins, will perform a live show this Saturday night (11/14) @ Vics.


Word on the street is, my homie M2 aka El Maya will be rocking the mic as the opening act and your truly, Xiao Bizzle, might even make a guest appearance on stage. If I get the chance to meet these dudes, I don’t even know what the hell I am gonna say…

Yo that’s a tight pimp cup!

Your song “Get Low”  really inspired me to make meaningful music…

Without the “Whistle While You Twerk”…I wouldn’t be here today.

Relfection: When I was in college, “Get Low” was without a doubt the anthem of every bar, club, football and basketball game, rotary club and college democrats meeting….it was every where. I still remember watching a room full of white fratty red necks throwing their arms from side to side screaming “TO THE WINDOWWWWWW ….TO THE WALLLLLL” at Klondike in Boone, NC. Wow, Bizzle sure is glad to be in Beijing today.

Scenes like that one are definitely not what Ying Yang can expect from the Vics show. If past shows are any indication, the place will be packed, girls will “shakin’ like a salt shaker” and you can find Bizzle with M2 and DJ Kefra in the VIPizzle.

Here is a track from the Ying Yang Twins to tie in some other posts from today.

Bun B Featuring the Ying Yang Twins- Git It

13 Git It

Long Shen Dao 龙神道- Local Reggae in the 五…jah know dat be i-rey mon (translation: sounds cool)

Local reggae legends, Longshendao, will be having a record release party @ Club 13 in WuDaoKou tonite.

Long Shen Dao 龙神道

Long Shen Dao 龙神道

Excerpt on LongShenDao from CW: “Coming from Beijing, Longshendao Band is China most outstanding Chinese language reggae band. Relying on each member musical and human accomplishments and on their unique musical mixed influences of ragga, rock dub and ska… but also Chinese’s daoism and philosophy, Longshendao created a music inspired by the very core of Chinese tradition.” Haha, riiiight.

Xiao Bizzle says: Having seen Longshendao perform, I can attest they are the best chance of getting some quality, relatively authentic reggae in the Dirty Kapital city. Good music, and definitely a fun vibe to their live set.  So, if you are thinking about a night of hunting for Korean B-girls or BLCU cradle-robbing at Propaganda, stop off at Club 13 first and get your good vibrations started there.

Address: 1Lanqiying Chengfu Road, Haidian District (East of Beijing University East Gate, West of Qinghua University south gate.)
Tel: 010 86687151 13601019756 13521658605

Band: Long Shen Dao–Chinese Reggae Band

所以我不怕- So I Ain’t Scared- Yin T’sang feat. Lil’ Ray

This song is special to me, because I wrote my first Chinese “16″ to this song as part of my first major performance with Sbazzo @ Happy Valley (欢乐谷 ) last year. XIV (aka Lao Zheng) was not in town at the time, and I had to step in. Another white guy rapping in Chinese…not so easy to find. The whole family, DJ Kefra from Vics,and even the British break dancers from the Olympic Ceremony, ZooNation were there that day, and we all def rocked it!

Click the link below to hear the song from the Dirty North Mixtape by Lil’ Ray and XIV, its one of the hottest Chip-Chop mixtapes and songs from 2009.
所以我不怕 So I ain’t scared (Featuring Sbazzo)

Xiao Bizzle and Sbazzo at Happy Valley show

Xiao Bizzle and Sbazzo at Happy Valley show

The MOBB Deep Show…a reflection

One of my favorite days this past summer was the night of the MOBB Deep show at Vics, at which Yin T’sang and yours truly were the opening act. Packed House

When I started getting into rapping here in China,  of course Xiao Bizzle had his grand dreams and aspirations of working with some major artists even in just minor ways, and in the last 16 months, I have got the chance to do just that.  This time, while my role was small, I took my chance and when the time came, I was jumpin’ around on stage at Vics like a crazy fool. That night, opening for MOBB Deep was Sbazzo (马克)and Lao Zheng (老郑)otherwise known as Yin T’sang 隐藏,  featuring Xiao Bizzle, and we jumped right into some Chip-Chop hits like Yin T’sang‘s classic  “Zou Qi Lai 走起来” and my favorite song to do live, “Push the Bouncer”.  I did perhaps the best hypemanning of my life that night.  I truthfully didn’t keep up with all the words even though I knew them, simply because I got so pumped that I would break out into “Beijing hip hop!” and “大家走起来 dajia zouqilai! (means everyone get up or stand up) ” and even some “throw ya hands up! 举手” The crowd was totally into it and we fed off that.

The actual show was crazy, but the before / after the show was memorable too. I remember the 4pm phone call from Sbazzo asking “Are you ready Bizzle?”
Bizzle: “Ready for what?” (I started to believe it was going down…)
Sbazzo: “To rock the mic for MOBB Deep homie, your coming up with us!”

I wasn’t  THAT surprised really, but…it wasn’t actually confirmed until right then. When my name isn’t on the poster, I don’t ever assume I will get any mic time. Nonetheless, I’m always ready when my numbers is called, that’s just a reality of the game when you are an up and coming, (that’s the nice way of putting it) rapper or MC. Usually, I stay on the business side of things with Yin T’sang but for some shows, I can’t resist the urge to help out a little extra.

Havoc and Big Noid were at Vics already when I showed up (Noid, another MOBB Deep member, was here because the other MOBB Deep front man, Prodigy, was in prison. For more info click here) and before we could start the sound check, we all said ‘what’s ups’, did the ceremonial daps and bs’d around in the club. I’ll tell you, being inside a nightclub with all the lights on is a different experience that any Friday night. It doesn’t feel as glamorous, I’ll say that much. Soon, word arrived that some clothing brands had arrived with fresh gear for us to go through…maybe more so intended for MOBB Deep and Yin T’sang than for Xiao Bizzle, but of course, I jumped right in. This is a pretty regular thing at shows these days, and this time, RMBZ Boys and Infinite Fantasy both came through with some fresh gear for everyone to take their pick. I ended up getting an unreleased Infinite Fantasy tee that has the front of Rolls Royce car plus the emblem on the front…super sick.
This was my main chance to talk with MOBB Deep front-man, Havoc, and I found him to be nice but pretty quiet and reserved. He told me he was enjoying China and his first words to describe his time in Beijing was,  he had very quickly “seen some sh*t that I’ve  [Havoc]  never seen before.” They jetted back to the hotel without doing a real sound-check and we all went our separate ways till around show time.

The show went great, after Yin T’sang‘s super live opening set, MOBB Deep came on and I hyped from the DJ booth and video taped as well. The crowd energy was incredible. The bouncers ended up on stage a few times trying to calm things down, which in the end was what singled the end of the show. During “Shook Ones” the crowd got so hyped up that someone grabbed at Havoc, and so after that song the security took control and MOBB ended the set just to keep things orderly. I could fee the energy from the DJ booth, and it was fresh for Beijing. Here are few pictures:

Girlz go wild for Xiao Bizzle

Girlz go wild for Xiao Bizzle

Big Noid

Big Noid

Havoc doing his thing

Havoc doing his thing

Zheng and Bizzle

Zheng and Bizzle

After the show, we partied at Vics for a good while, sippin’ Grey Goose and Hennessy (by Havoc‘s request) but MOBB eventually grabbed some top shelf girls and skeeted out. The rest of the team didn’t mind that much as their “table” at Vics had been and continued to be a resource of free drinks all night for the whole crew to enjoy. That’s another added benefit of these big shows and the Chip-Chop life…the whole family can get free drinks.

Later, when I asked Sbazzo for some reflections about the MOBB Deep show he said:
“You know, they were real cool people. Havoc was way more humble than most International artists that we’ve collab’ed with here in China. He was eager to work with us, just like we were to work with him. And they were into the Chinese experience as well… they went all around, to the Great Wall and Forbidden City, they ate the authentic food with us, and really wanted an authentic experience. That’s not like the “in and out, pick up some *ish and girls and then back to the hotel” that we’ve dealt with some other artists. Of course, we had the usual hip hop activities and it was all cool, MOBB definitely is a big international connection for Yin T’sang.

Yin T’sang recorded the song “Real” with Havoc of MOBB Deep also featuring Young Kin, and that is set to be on Yin T’sang‘s upcoming, and perhaps final (shhhh) album. More to come on that!


Kid Koala scratches Beijing a new one…on the turntables.


YUGONG, Beijing- OCT 29th 2009-

Xiao Bizzle says: Kid Koala is a world class- sick nasty- talented as hell-  DJ, and a on top of that, a down-to-earth cool cat. I went to his show a moderate fan and left amazed.  I got to meet with him backstage and do an interview which will be posted as well, and I enjoyed talking with him a lot. But that isn’t to say there isn’t some serious criticism on deck from yours truly…so let’s get it!

The Overall Experience:

Koala’s show melodic and at times frantic DJ show is best described as an “occasion not to be missed unless your dead, lame or both.” Most everyone crowded down into the smoky pit near the stage and got a true demonstration in classic turntable skills and musical agility. The beats were pounding loud and there was a video cam hooked up on Koala’s DJ table focused on his hands hard at work and which were broadcast on large screens around the venue. These screens showed just how technical and insane the juggling, scratching, beat matching and needle tricks Koala was pulling really were. And…he wore no headphones?? That’s crazy, I can’t even imagine trying to mix without headphones, and I ain’t even a DJ! People were smiling, clapping, jumping around and overall everyone was in a party mood, so an A for experience from Professor Bizzle.

The Music:

Not really knowing what to expect from Koala, the crowd seemed really open to his music choices. He seamlessly went from hard hitting drum and bass style tracks to soft jazz back to hip hop beats, mixing in famous rock tunes and even dabbled in a bit of ragga. I heard Radiohead, then some MIA…it was all over the place. His “Moonriver” rendition was a little long, but definitely new sounds for most everyone in the crowd. The one thing Xiao Bizzle noticed along with Lil’ Ray and others was the obviously lack of “hip hop” as part of the show. While many in the crowd were totally satisfied with what he did play, the vibe I got from my Chinese street team was that it was…not their cup of green tea. People rocked and grooved, but it was a show for the musically eclectic, that’s for sure, not for your traditional Wu-Tang loving ZhongGuo GeMen’r (Chinese Homeboy).  This time Koala get’s a B+ for music, simply because this is a HIP HOP blog and hip hop was in short supply at his show.

The Crowd:

While expats in red and green checkered shirts were on deck and gettin’ it on like donkey kong, I did see a few underground Chinese hip-hop representatives and street teams in the spot as well: Lil’ Ray, Da Xiang, Little David, and a few more, and it wasn’t the kind of turn out I expected. Being a Thursday night, and in spite to poor promotion for the show, I’d say the turn out was pretty good, but not your traditional “Hip-Hop” crowd for Beijing shows. Bizzle gives this show an A for crowd, it was real crowded and simply because some super fine gu’niangs (ladies) were there and, yeah I’m a sucker for that. So what, who doesn’t?

The Best Part:

IMO, the best part was Kid Koala was doing his “ ‘drunken’ trumpet” turntable routine, lifting the needle and scratching the record (btw…he used ALL VINYL….NO SERATO) to create and adjust the sound of a trumpet. He basically belted out an incredible solo using his hands (and no damn trumpet), and many in the crowd, including myself, just lost it. I would not have believed he was doing some of things with his hands unless the video was right there IN my face to prove.  This dude get a A++ for turntable skills and an A+++ for hospitality, as he let Wordy and DJ Jiawei hop on the decks and spin with him during his 3rd encore, that’s being a showman and a good sport.

The Worst:

Unfortunately,  Webber and Raif ‘s freestyle set included giving the crowd a yelling, cursing/bitch-out session that seems to have become a staple of the YuGong routine. BUMP THAT! (Those guys are undeniably good, but only when they come with more Positive Vibes, Positive Vibrations!.) Usually they would use that opportunity to promote their band and themselves as artists by having a prepared set, gettin’ in tune with the DJ before hand, and really maximize the chance to perform for 300-500 expats interested in different types of music and Chinese culture….Thats just what this Bizzle thinks. Add into that experience the lack of nearly any hip hop beats played by Kid Koala, the overall “Hip Hop-ness” of this show has got to be called into question. I am not denying that I was dancing like a fool, (with some hunnies obviously)…but if I had to deem this show as a Hip Hop show versus Not Hip Hop show…I’d vote NOT a true Hip Hop show. Was it supposed to be one? Probably not. So that makes the point moot, but still it gets a mention. Bizzle gives the opening act a C simply because they didn’t bring positive energy, but still gotta support local flavor.

Oh and I also saw somebody rocking a cowboy hat at this show. If I had my camera…they would have been the first post in “THAT aint Hip Hop” section…so whoever you are, cowboy hat wearing to a DJ show dude…you got lucky this time…next time your OUTED and basically DEAD.

Bizzle’s Final Word:

If Kid Koala ever comes to your town,block, village, office, apartment, backyard or hotel room you should definitely check him out (for hotel room, really CHECK HIM OUT because I mean… what is he doing there?) . But don’t expect to get electronic club tracks, old school beats, or any golden era Rakim or Premier, just go in and open your mind and you will definitely love the explosion of sound that Koala brings every time he blesses the tables with his talented hands.

Check out Koala’s Label: Ninjia Tune Records @

and the man himself, Kid Koala @


"Your Mom's Favorite DJ" (Kid Koala) @ Yugong Thursday, 10pm

Kid Koala loves robots

Kid Koala loves robots

UK label Ninja Tune member and Turntablist Eric San aka KID KOALA is hitting Beijing’s Yugong Yishan this Thursday night (10pm) and doesn’t care what your mom says…. HE is her favorite DJ. [Your Mom’s Favorite DJ, released 2006] Koala shows his skills scratching needles to death while mixing traditional jazz, hip hop, blues, funk and ska into his signiture mashups.  Brought to you by FreeTheWax, this show is certainly going to have all the right elements, including your truely, since Xiao Bizzle was born on the guest list.

Word on the street is, the “finale” for his performance is not to be missed.

Kidkoala website: /

FREE the WAX website:

Pre-sale tickets: 30 RMB On the day of show: 50 RMB

Yugong Yishan: West courtyard former site of Duan Qirui Government, 3-2 Zhangzizhong Lu,
Gulou 张自忠路3-2号段祺瑞执政府旧址西院 Tel: 6404-2711

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