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Mailbag: Work out, Cash out — BUSYKID






Jason Chu aka Grandmaster Chu is UNCOOL

Let’s stop performing.

Let’s stop pretending.

Let’s be… UNCOOL.


THE UNCOOL is a free 10-track promotional mixtape, streaming and for download at

The Special Edition adds 3 full new songs and is accompanied by curated photographs and a commentary and lyrics book, also at ($5 USD).

All profits go to the Red Thread Movement (, a project of 501(c)3 nonprofit organization Eternal Threads dedicated to fighting illegal sex trafficking in Nepal.









Sbazzo- The Light (teaser video)


Shout out to 隐藏!thats my family.



the tiger sons: its bilingual party ish!

Ya boy Grandmaster Chu and his Model Minority crew are BACK with a new mixtape and video premiere. I checked out the tracks and once again, it’s high quality and a few tracks have already jumped into my playlist rotation. Check it out!

The PR…

On THE TIGER SONS, emcees D-OneGrand Master Chu, and Inglish continue to speak about the lives of young, modern, Asian-Americans with their signature wordplay. Humorous, self-deprecating, and thoughtful, they address a range of subjects from growing up in Asian-American households (Battle Hymn of the Tiger Sons), online romance (Twitter Girl), historical struggles against racism (Vincent Chin.), and drop bilingual party tracks like Xian Kan Kan Wo (a Mandarin cover of Chris Brown’s “Look At Me Now”) and Ooh It’s Just Genetic, Girl.

The lead single from THE TIGER SONS, Invisible People (Where’d You Go?), and its accompanying music video, are dedicated to those people whose voices and stories have been lost or ignored. With a music video shot in San Francisco, directed by Angela Yu, the song sees the three rappers speaking out against injustice in the classroom, courtroom, and media.

THE TIGER SONS Tape is available for free download & streaming at

The INVISIBLE PEOPLE music video is online at

Contact links:

Model Minority -

D-One (@DavidBFung) -

Grand Master Chu (@JasonGLChu) -

Inglish (@AndrewJFung) -

Shouts to GMC and the whole Dirty North, keep pushing! 加油,牛B!!


i saw royce drink a bottle of tequila on stage

bad meets evil


*”So Fly” Video Shoot sneak peak (just girls…)++ upcoming DJ Wordy-Major Lazer show in 798?

What up, You Call That Hip Hop heads! Ya boy Xiao Bizzle has been busy reppin’ VICS every Saturday night and puttin’ together a new project that has kept me busy busy!  But, as promised, here is a sneak peak at some (PG-13 version) photos, behind the scenes at our recent video shoot for Sbazzo‘s “So Fly” music video… more videos and photos to come!

Check out the ghetto green screen! Ha, the first one (the nice one) we had wasn’t right (Ted knows best) for some reason, so we had to improvise!

Sbazzo's Fresh cut!

Tock Studios

Tock Studio's... the spot!

Dancin' next to a boss!

Yeah that camera equipment costs more than you do...

She was certainly...the

Other news: Got wind a few weeks ago of an upcoming Mad Decent show in Beijing (long story but basically I got told off via email by Diplo‘s agent…cool right?) and just today got another email alert that the show would be in 798 and is awaiting some gov’t approval for visas but should go down…

Performers include:

Major Lazer, featuring Diplo (US)
Delorean (ES)
Rebuilding the Rights of Statues (PRC)
Queen Sea Big Shark (PRC)
New Pants (PRC)
Ada (DE)
Dead J (PRC)
Sulumi (PRC)
White (PRC)

B6 (PRC)
DJ Wordy (PRC)***
Tobias Thomas DJ (DE)
Nick Catchdubs (US)

He is the man. (even if he's not real)

My fave cartoon DJ out there

I am so pumped to see DJ Wordy‘s name up there. He has really been blowing up, and that’s great news for the local hip hop and music scene. Recently, Wordy was partying in NYC with Dame Dash, and then Dame was spotted in Beijing again a few weeks ago at YuGong Yishan’s Section 6 Party. I had a chance to talk with Dame and he was a chill ass dude.  DIPSET!

Either way, looks like late Sept. or early Oct for this show, if it happens at all.

Major LazerDJ Wordy….I am praying for a collab with these two!!! If I can get some info outta Wordy about this I will let everyone know, until then…


Sbazzo leaks message in video: “I Am Chinese Hip Hop.”++ Upcoming video and news

The Messenger

Its about time I put all the YouCallThatHipHop heads up on Sbazzo‘s new website <>.  Shouts to our homeboy Gao for the sick design and video direction as well! Professional status!

The site has several different sections for music, videos, pics and Sbazzo‘s official bio. You can check out video clips like the preview for the new video “The Light” and the full video premier of Yin T’sang‘s single “Don’t Worry.”  If you look carefully during “The Light” you will see yours truly for all of about 1 second, which is disappointing since I was involved in filming for over 10 hours of my Saturday afternoon.

The video for “Don’t Worry” is simple and clean, the footage is quality, and I love it cuz my boy Lao Zheng just looks like such a bad ass the whole time.

AND, coming soon, photos from MIDI, more photos and videos from the newest music video shoot for Sbazzo with babes gallore, and some news about Xiao Bizzle‘s new  position at Beijing’s premier hip hop club, Vics!

Until then…keep it BIZZLE!

Lil’ Ray – Beijing Eats / 北京的饭馆儿- fresh ish

Ray rockin it right

Ray rockin it right

Hungry? Mmmmm….food.

Lil Ray just hit me off with this new ish, the Lord Finesse beat is soooo old school and the end product is pure Lil’ Ray. He gets all lyrical and goes through all the types of spots, different foods and crazy local ish you find in Beijing, and then spits it all around over the beat again. Golden Era hip hop coming straight out of Beijing in ’10. 牛B!!!!

Nasty Ray


ABD’s Photos ++ M2 and Skeewe’s Hot Tracks- old ish

I came across some  photos taken at a shoot in 2008 for ABD‘s album called “Made in China” by Made in China Records. Thought I would share this with my You Call That Hip Hop family.

03 In My Zone (Featuring ABD) In My Zone- XIV and Lil Ray (Feat ABD) <<Dirty North Mixtape>>

04 Gettin Dat (Featuring ABD) Gettin DatXIV and Lil Ray (Feat ABD) <<Dirty North Mixtape>>

01 Track 01 I’m Still- M2 and Skeewe <<Minority Report>>

Here are few tracks to listen on and some photos to check out! M2 aka El Maya and Skeewe, representing Texas and Guatemala, were both holding it down in China for years, and while Skee has moved on to Indonesia where he is doing tours and shows, M2 is still in Beijing and will put out his solo album later this year.

Bizzle, XIV, ABD, Skeewe, M2

Bizzle, XIV, ABD, Skeewe, M2

Album Cover (raw photo)

Album Cover (raw photo)


ABD's Birthday Dinner (Lil Ray, ABD, Bizzle, DJ Wes, Sbazzo, WangSong & Relevant Hunnies)

All lookin crazy...except the statue of Skeewe in the back

All lookin crazy...except the statue of Skeewe in the back

in the Whites! (raw photo)

in the Whites! (raw photo)


Tokill, Black Violin new ish… and Bizzle is on vacay

You can find me…


But here are some songs to listen to while I am gone:

Black Violin- Brandenburg (not Chinese hip hop but tight) 01 – Brandenburg

Tokill and Alon - Say Hello 07 Say Hello


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