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Tokill, Black Violin new ish… and Bizzle is on vacay

You can find me…


But here are some songs to listen to while I am gone:

Black Violin- Brandenburg (not Chinese hip hop but tight) 01 – Brandenburg

Tokill and Alon - Say Hello 07 Say Hello


UNRELEASED ISH— Track Leak… (shhhhh)


Nobody tell em I am doing this… the track from the upcoming video from Sbazzo and Young Keezy

They Aint Ready by Sbazzo feat Young Kin

Brief Note: DJ Krush vs DJ Stretch Armstrong

Poor planning (by yours truly) combined with a Saturday night music line-up that had two big-time shows PLUS a good friends birthday party meant that Bizzle had to make some sacrifices. So a few weekends ago, when DJ Krush came to town and absolutely ROCKED Yugong Yishan… I wasn’t there. But here is the report my partners in crime had to say about the show…

DJ Krush, while not that well-known to some in Beijing in fact drew a larger than usual crowd, with a good mix of expat and Chinese hip-hop heads, hipsters, hot girls, and perhaps DJ show first timers. With his Trip-hop influence, there was a good cross-over of Electronic/House music fans in the spot as well. The crowd danced and grooved to the surprising mixes and everyone was impressed with DJ Krush‘s eclectic music tastes. Again tho, rumor has it that DJ Wordy really tore the house down with a set that had the entire crowd generally wild’n out.  The refreshing news I heard was that there wasn’t as noticeable lack of hip hop music mixed in, as has been an issue at recent “mash-up” or “turnablist” DJ shows at Yugong… but none the less, I heard that it turned into a big crazy dance party… and I am the chump that missed it.

Here are some photos from the show to check out:

(sigh)...those hands could have been mine...DOH

(sigh)...two of those hands could have been mine...DOH!

DJ Krush crushin it.

DJ Krush crushin it.

DJ Wordy shows some love

DJ Wordy shows some love

Now the DJ Stretch Armstrong show at PUNK, in fact, I did make it for the last set of this show and it was interesting to say the least. (As I walked in, DJ Wordy walked up to me and decided to autograph my shirt with the sharpie I had… right on the very front pocket. Nice. )

My previous encounters with Stretch‘s music had been hearing his name shouted out on tracks by RA the Rugged Man, 50 Cent‘s Guess Who’s Back Mixtape, and he was all over the GTA3 soundtrack, basically playing all NYC hip hop ish. Tonite though, by the time I had arrived, Stretch was playing  electronic mash-up music, and to be honest, I didn’t hear ANY hip hop at all. I can’t say I heard the entire set, but the people there all said he basically played a few pieces of tracks, then switched into electronic music. To be fair, the crowd at PUNK definitely more suits electronic music more so than hip hop, and I salute his flexibility; but me and a few other cats came there specifically to hear some of that good NYC ish, and it just wasn’t getting played.

So, I decided to go talk to him and over to the DJ Booth… keep in mind I was dressed like a damn fool this night, (it was for a party, long story) but he thought it was funny and we started chatting as he was finishing his set. I asked him if he was interested in checking out another “real hip hop club” and he said he was. So he cut off his set, packed up his stuff and after we had a drink or two, my whole crew and DJ Stretch hopped in the elevator to head out to the club. Then, right as we got to the lobby floor, he said he needed to stop off at his room to make a call to his lawyer about some lawsuit and would have to meet up in a few minutes, he gave me his number and said to call him in like 20 and we would meet up. Sorry Stretch, but it was WAY too late for that, and we went straight to Vics and got our party on without him. Sad. So since I never did call him, I do hope he found his way and had a good time in Beijing. And that’s the story of how I met DJ Stretch Armstrong.

The Man

The Man


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