Iron Mic Battle 12/2009: Winners and Losers

All I need is one mic...

All I need is one mic...

Saturday night’s Iron Mic battle at Star live was the qualifier for the Finals in Shanghai, and it featured battlers from Beijing, Dongbei, Henan, Miyun, and Hebei, and more so than last year, the competition was packed!

With 32 battlers taking part, everyone had to not only battle to impress the judges like Sbazzo and Webber, DJ Wordy and Raph, but also battle for for crowd support and in the end, they had to battle their own fatigue and voice-loss.

Winners of the Night:   I love that Little David made it to the final round of the Iron Mic and it was really good to see my my lil’ homie doing his thing. I mean, this kid is like 15 years old and, in my opinion, was by far the best battler up there other than Dragon23. Eventually, the winner was a kid from Ning Xia 宁夏 named Yang Yang, a totally unknown MC from who knows where…and I gotta say, seeing as he was trying to give-up before the final battle due to losing his voice almost completely, I didn’t think he should have won. Dragon23 was one of the only pure MC’s up there that day, and had the decision gone to the judges as was planned, I think he would have gone to the finals and won the whole thing, so he is a winner in my eyes.

Loser of the Night: The crowd was by far the loser of the night, because they were making some POOR deicisons about winners and losers in battles…but in fairness, most of them had to sit through 5-6hrs of battles that night, so they might have been a lil’ screwed up in the head. Webber and Raph could have simplified the whole occasion, which went from 8:30pm – 2am by making the rounds shorter, only giving each MC one round, and then making the winner decision up to the head judge, Sbazzo.

Also, the guy who admitted he had only started rapping 3 months ago (if you call what he was doing rapping) and had no lyrical abilities in my opinion, ended up nearly into the finals, that was a poor choice. He was cussing out peoples mom’s and I guess that went over well with the crowd. By the end of the battle rounds, the MC’s were complimenting each other or conceding defeat before a battle started, and a lot other stuff that shouldn’t be going down in my opinion.

How to avoid that?

Make it short and sweet. Let people get their best stuff out and then pick a winner. If you make battle MC’s battle 10-12 even 20 times in one night, it just can’t possibly be “top notch” stuff.

Either way, the battle was a lot of fun and the crowd was into it, which was great to be a part of. A bunch of local MC’s and hip hop gurus were in the house to watch like IN3, Lil Ray, Crazy Chef, RMBZ boys, and Dragon. It was cool to see the boys all out and supporting the up-and-coming MC’s.

Break dancing crews had some pretty sick battles going on during the intermissions and once my camera battery gets charged, I will upload some photos and videos.

Shanghai is certainly going to have the cream of the crop and the winner of that battle gets the $ and the respect, but until then…


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  • December 11, 2009 - 12:24 am | Permalink

    It’s interesting that the MCs were complimenting each other before the battles. Is this somehow related to the Chinese sense of hierarchy and the concept of face? Have you seen this happen before? Do you think it differentiates Chinese rap?

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