Crunk-ology: Ying Yang Twins Teach Beijing a Lesson

For those of you who missed it, the Ying Yang Twins crunked the house apart this Saturday night at Vics, in a way Beijing doesn’t see very often. The whole night was insane, and the Twins performance matched the crowd’s energy, which was incredible.

Packed House

Packed House

First things First…here is the video interview I did with the Ying Yang Twins from before the show.

Now to the stories of the night:

Arrived at Vics around 5pm and met up with XIV to have a small business meeting to discuss YinEnt projects, and about 20 mins later the Ying Yang Twins walk in, both rockin big, heavy chinchilla jackets, green gators, and D-Roc of the YYT explained his Versace boots “ain’t even Mens shoes, they look like men’s shoes but they are ladies shoes.” Haha, more hilarity to come from D-Roc later in the night.

Before sound check, we decide to do interviews first, and I was the first up.

During my interview, the whole room was packed full of other ‘real’ reporters and photographers, but Xiao Bizzle was the ONLY one that got a full video interview (I told ‘em I was from North Carolina and they showed loved for the Dirty South). During the interview, there was some disagreement with D-Roc and myself about my website name using ‘hip hop’ instead of ‘rap’ or ‘rappin’. “” wouldn’t make any sense really, and what might be news to D-Roc is that RAP is generally regarded as a part of the greater HIP-HOP culture. But that’s all I am gonna say about that.

After the interviews we all did our sound checks and everything was cool, even with the club empty. Watching them rehearse was even more fun for me because I recognized and knew the words to many of the songs they were going to perform. I was already getting excited.

Maya aka M2 was set to perform right before the Twins, and he asked Xiao Bizzle to do what he does best, hype the crowd. Our sound check went smooth and soon after, we were at Kro’s Nest having pizza and getting pumped up. We retreated to our respective houses to get ready for the show and then I went to my homie Byron‘s house party at the New Moma (which is sick btw), but within ten minutes of getting there, I got the call that the limo was waiting to pick everyone up and would meet me outside.

Soon enough the limo had picked everyone up, stretch SUV style. Ying Yang Twins, Maya, myself and the security team were wild’n out in the limo on the way to Vics watching a bootleg copy of “This is It” which the Ying Yang Twins were HUGE fans of apparently. They were doing dance moves and screamin’ out Jackson lyrics the whole time, it was a fun car ride.

We showed up at Vics a little late, and once security was ready, M2 and I hopped out first, and there was a crowd waiting to cheer us on and take pictures. (Trust me, I was surprised too, but I did my best job of acting like I was used to it)

Ying Yang got out to quite a bit of fanfare, and then we all got escorted into the club under heavy security and eventually made it to our VIP Table, which was already surrounded by girls, dudes, and some groupies. Maya is Beijing’s premier Latino MC , so girls were obviously jumpin’ all over him and I even had a few people say they loved my music. I’m thinking to myself..

”thats funny…do you even know who I am?”

but of course I respond,

“Yeah, I love you too.”

Look at me now Mom, ya boy Bizzle’s got fans!

The table was totally surrounded by people in every direction, screaming for the YYTwins, trying to get their attention. I turned to Kaine from the YYT‘s and asked him, “it is like this every time you go anywhere?” He said coolly:


Soon enough they were telling us it was time to go on, we went backstage and started gettin’ hyped up. They called us out to perform and we were up on stage getting busy in Español before we knew it.

WOW! The crowd was SO LIVE! It was crazy to see the whole scene from up there. I have done plenty of shows before but this one was different. People were grabbing at our clothes, screaming our names; it was the most fun I’ve had performing ever, but that’s just me, Maya is pretty used to that kinda stuff.

For Maya‘s song “Bailar” we decided to improvise a little bit and invited some girls on to the stage. We didn’t expect what happened next…when about 45 girls (exactly 45) all climbed up onto the stage at once! We tried to keep performing but there was just toooo many girls on the stage for us to really move (Video of this will uploaded later today or tomorrow once I find it, I promise!).

At the end of the song, we were ready to do one more bonus track, but for whatever reason, the sound guy motioned that were getting cut off and in fact, my mic got turned off because we were going to keep going! Anyone who knows me well knows that this was perhaps one of the shining moments of my life. We were so crunk, we had so many hunnies on stage, and were rockin it so right that we were in danger of OUTSHINING the main act (YYT) before they even come on ….so…they said that’s enough, and just like that…Maya‘s and Bizzle’s set was done. Well, who cares if its true, at least that’s my theory, because no one can say the crowd wasn’t loving our set… it was…crunk.



One note: to the guy who was tapping me over and over again in the middle of our set and kept holding up the numbers “2″ and “1″ with his fingers…what the hell were you doing? I was in the middle of a show, and you got on stage, got in my face, to tell me the number…21…was it your birthday or something? I don’t care, you were NOT in good form buddy, bad timing.

The trip back up to the table was an adventure to say the least. But eventually I found myself back with the YYTwins having drinks. Those guys really do know how to party, and after gettin loose for a bit longer, it was time for them to go on.

The YYT‘s set was a whole lot of different things. I am gonna break down like this: The GOOD, the BAD and the UGLY.

The YYT‘s definately brought a lot of energy with their music, and the crowd was feeding off that. Everyone was going about as crazy as I have ever seen it in Vics. They performed all their hit songs and for a while it was just getting better and better. I had not seen quite as many big smiles and just sheer wild’n out in a long time, and it was really refreshing to see people getting that loose. Oh and, D-Roc wore a Chinese Fighter Pilot helmet for most of his show and all the way to the club in the limo…that was classic. People were having a blast and nothing else really matters.

Roger That...Initializing Crunk Lift Off

Roger That...Initializing Crunk Lift Off

The BAD:
A guy, we will call him C, who is a regular in the Chip-Chop scene, somehow got into the DJ booth during the YYT‘s set and sorta screwed everything up. Were talking the music just STOPPED, in the middle of a YYT song. That got fixed, and the show went on, but then, as if that wasn’t enough, he hopped up on stage AFTER the YYT‘s and did two Chinese hip hop songs of his own, which was NOT part of the show. I guess he had met or had some sort of relationship with the YYTwins or the promoter or something, but had he come to rehearsals, he might have known that there was a plan for ending the show… C is a real cool dude, and I think he meant well, but lets not shake things up like that next time.

The YYT performance was too long. They performed for almost 2.5hrs it seemed, and that wasn’t how we planed in rehearsals. People definitely got their money worth, but I imagine people did start leaving while they were still performing, which isn’t a good sign. For the rest of the show, the only really UGLY part was the disorganization that happened with the artist line-up and over crowding in the DJ booth, but that wasn’t DJ Kefra’s fault at all. During rehearsals we had everything scoped out and planned well, but then during the show they cut Maya and my set off early, Ricky J and Maya‘s feature song didn’t get performed at the right time, then this guy jumps on the decks and takes over for Kefra unannounced and then drops the ball. Really, if everyone had just followed along with DJ Kefra and our rehearsal plans, the show would have been the best show in Beijing, ever, Kefra even said so himself to me the next day.  Also, I saw about 10 people involved in a scuffle outside, which was simply over someone LOOKING at the person in the wrong way. Seriously boys, U-N-I-T-Y!

Maya and Bizzle

Maya and Bizzle

The rest will come as I get more photos and videos from the evening.

Big shout out to Maya for bringing me on with him, we rocked it amigo! Also big shout to Vics and DJ Kefra for all their support and finally holla to the Ying Yang Twins for bringing the ‘crunk’ back to the Big Dirty Kapital.


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  • November 17, 2009 - 4:50 pm | Permalink

    Wow, I feel like an asshole for not going. I’m sorry Bizzle, I didn’t know you were performing on stage too!!! I would have loved to have been there to show love and support. sorry sorry, very sorry :(

  • Alexx
    November 17, 2009 - 10:49 pm | Permalink

    where do you reckon i can get pictures from that night?! i looked at club zone but theres only a couple of pages when i def. know they took more!

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