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走 起来(zóuqǐlai ):”Let’s get it”, “Let’s do this” __起来 (_______qǐlai):Put any verb before qǐlai to make a hip phrase, I.E. Drink(hē), dance (tiào), move(dòng), speak (shuō)

说唱(shuō chàng):Word for “rap”, literally speak-sing

嘻哈(xī hā ):Taiwanese word for Hip-Hop

嘿泡(hēi pào ):Northern China word for Hip-Hop

瓷(cí):homie 铁瓷(tiě cí ):a true homie

傻逼(shǎ bī): punk b*tch

牛逼(niú bī ):dope,phat


样儿(yàngr ):style

废话(fèihuà ):bullsh*t

卷一袋儿(juǎn yī dàir ):”Roll one up”

呼(hū):to smoke 飞(fēi ):to be high

都得死(dōu děi sǐ):the equivalent of “f**k the world”

撅一瓶(juē yī píng):Drink a bottle (of beer)

呲蜜(zī mì ):have sex with women

胡呲(hú zī ):talk sh*t, bullsh*t, spout off

燥(zào):wild, like “that show was really zào”


坚果(jiānguǒ):supermodel hottie

板儿(bǎnr ):skateboard

狠 (hěn):crazy, like “that MC’s flow is too hěn”

嘟儿(dūr ):Du-Rag, bandana

残的(cán de ):weak, crippled, lame

缺的(quē de ):sucks, wack

肿了(zhǒng le):blowin up, out of control


祝你幸福(zhù nǐ xìngfú):the equivalent of “speak to the hand”

瘾乐(yǐn yuè):China’s first Hip-Hop label actually run by people who know hip-hop If you got more slang or phrases to add, or you got questions hit us off below or just comment!

走起来! zóu qǐlai!

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  • November 10, 2009 - 5:28 pm | Permalink

    I just learned a good one from Xiao Bizzle: :)

  • thewmh
    February 9, 2012 - 1:00 pm | Permalink

    How would you say: Slept / sleep on ?

    i.e. You’d best not sleep on this.

  • Xiao Bizzle
    February 10, 2012 - 11:18 pm | Permalink

    the best response I have come up with so far is 你别小看这个。。。小看 is different than 看小 but both have a meaning of not giving something its due when looking at it / considering it.

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