Kid Koala scratches Beijing a new one…on the turntables.


YUGONG, Beijing- OCT 29th 2009-

Xiao Bizzle says: Kid Koala is a world class- sick nasty- talented as hell-  DJ, and a on top of that, a down-to-earth cool cat. I went to his show a moderate fan and left amazed.  I got to meet with him backstage and do an interview which will be posted as well, and I enjoyed talking with him a lot. But that isn’t to say there isn’t some serious criticism on deck from yours truly…so let’s get it!

The Overall Experience:

Koala’s show melodic and at times frantic DJ show is best described as an “occasion not to be missed unless your dead, lame or both.” Most everyone crowded down into the smoky pit near the stage and got a true demonstration in classic turntable skills and musical agility. The beats were pounding loud and there was a video cam hooked up on Koala’s DJ table focused on his hands hard at work and which were broadcast on large screens around the venue. These screens showed just how technical and insane the juggling, scratching, beat matching and needle tricks Koala was pulling really were. And…he wore no headphones?? That’s crazy, I can’t even imagine trying to mix without headphones, and I ain’t even a DJ! People were smiling, clapping, jumping around and overall everyone was in a party mood, so an A for experience from Professor Bizzle.

The Music:

Not really knowing what to expect from Koala, the crowd seemed really open to his music choices. He seamlessly went from hard hitting drum and bass style tracks to soft jazz back to hip hop beats, mixing in famous rock tunes and even dabbled in a bit of ragga. I heard Radiohead, then some MIA…it was all over the place. His “Moonriver” rendition was a little long, but definitely new sounds for most everyone in the crowd. The one thing Xiao Bizzle noticed along with Lil’ Ray and others was the obviously lack of “hip hop” as part of the show. While many in the crowd were totally satisfied with what he did play, the vibe I got from my Chinese street team was that it was…not their cup of green tea. People rocked and grooved, but it was a show for the musically eclectic, that’s for sure, not for your traditional Wu-Tang loving ZhongGuo GeMen’r (Chinese Homeboy).  This time Koala get’s a B+ for music, simply because this is a HIP HOP blog and hip hop was in short supply at his show.

The Crowd:

While expats in red and green checkered shirts were on deck and gettin’ it on like donkey kong, I did see a few underground Chinese hip-hop representatives and street teams in the spot as well: Lil’ Ray, Da Xiang, Little David, and a few more, and it wasn’t the kind of turn out I expected. Being a Thursday night, and in spite to poor promotion for the show, I’d say the turn out was pretty good, but not your traditional “Hip-Hop” crowd for Beijing shows. Bizzle gives this show an A for crowd, it was real crowded and simply because some super fine gu’niangs (ladies) were there and, yeah I’m a sucker for that. So what, who doesn’t?

The Best Part:

IMO, the best part was Kid Koala was doing his “ ‘drunken’ trumpet” turntable routine, lifting the needle and scratching the record (btw…he used ALL VINYL….NO SERATO) to create and adjust the sound of a trumpet. He basically belted out an incredible solo using his hands (and no damn trumpet), and many in the crowd, including myself, just lost it. I would not have believed he was doing some of things with his hands unless the video was right there IN my face to prove.  This dude get a A++ for turntable skills and an A+++ for hospitality, as he let Wordy and DJ Jiawei hop on the decks and spin with him during his 3rd encore, that’s being a showman and a good sport.

The Worst:

Unfortunately,  Webber and Raif ‘s freestyle set included giving the crowd a yelling, cursing/bitch-out session that seems to have become a staple of the YuGong routine. BUMP THAT! (Those guys are undeniably good, but only when they come with more Positive Vibes, Positive Vibrations!.) Usually they would use that opportunity to promote their band and themselves as artists by having a prepared set, gettin’ in tune with the DJ before hand, and really maximize the chance to perform for 300-500 expats interested in different types of music and Chinese culture….Thats just what this Bizzle thinks. Add into that experience the lack of nearly any hip hop beats played by Kid Koala, the overall “Hip Hop-ness” of this show has got to be called into question. I am not denying that I was dancing like a fool, (with some hunnies obviously)…but if I had to deem this show as a Hip Hop show versus Not Hip Hop show…I’d vote NOT a true Hip Hop show. Was it supposed to be one? Probably not. So that makes the point moot, but still it gets a mention. Bizzle gives the opening act a C simply because they didn’t bring positive energy, but still gotta support local flavor.

Oh and I also saw somebody rocking a cowboy hat at this show. If I had my camera…they would have been the first post in “THAT aint Hip Hop” section…so whoever you are, cowboy hat wearing to a DJ show dude…you got lucky this time…next time your OUTED and basically DEAD.

Bizzle’s Final Word:

If Kid Koala ever comes to your town,block, village, office, apartment, backyard or hotel room you should definitely check him out (for hotel room, really CHECK HIM OUT because I mean… what is he doing there?) . But don’t expect to get electronic club tracks, old school beats, or any golden era Rakim or Premier, just go in and open your mind and you will definitely love the explosion of sound that Koala brings every time he blesses the tables with his talented hands.

Check out Koala’s Label: Ninjia Tune Records @

and the man himself, Kid Koala @


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